Juvia’s Place Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette


Hey guys!

Recently, I have seen the new brand Juvia’s Place all over Instagram. Tons of Beauty gurus and Makeup artist are talking about this brand and how pigmented their eyeshadows are. So when I saw the swatches of their new eyeshadow palette, I knew I had to purchase it!


  • $32.50
  • 16 eyeshadows (shimmers and mattes)
  • Pan size of each eyeshadow is huge
  • The palette itself is massive
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Super pigmented eyeshadows
  • Eyeshadows blend easily





My Final Thoughts:

I love this palette! The eyeshadows are the same quality as high end eyeshadows with the price of drugstore eyeshadows. For less than $40, you get 16 huge eyeshadows. That is an insane deal and you definitely get more for your money. The eyeshadows blend incredibly well and you have a ton of shades to choose from in just one palette. I would recommend this palette to everyone! I will definitely be purchasing more from this brand in the future…

Have you guys tried any products from this brand?

Click here to purchase…

Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown

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