Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow: The Bronze Palette


Hey guys!

So today is going to be a review on the new eyeshadow palette created by Kylie Jenner. Her cosmetic line started out with Liquid lipsticks and has now expanded to glosses, eyeshadows, and more… There has been so much negativity surrounding this eyeshadow palette, so I wanted to give you guys my honest thoughts on it….

  • $42
  • 9 eyeshadows (2 shimmers and 7 mattes)
  • Size of your hand
  • Beautiful unique packaging
  • Does not have a mirror
  • Pigmented







Yay or Nay?

A 1000x Yayyyyy! I honestly can say I love this palette. As you guys can see by the swatches, this palette is extremely pigmented. Matte eyeshadows are typically harder to make super pigmented and also easy to blend, but she definitely made it happen. All 7 mattes are just staples to have in an eyeshadow palette.

I think the disappointment with this palette came from the 2 shimmers. The shimmery eyeshadows in this palette are not that special. I think Kylie made a palette that was completely her. If you pay attention to her makeup, she always has a matte eyeshadow look with a subtle pop on the lid. She doesn’t really wear colorful eyeshadow looks or any bold eye looks. Therefore, her first palette wouldn’t be something crazy. I think this palette is perfect for everyday and is a staple palette for anyone.

For reference this palette has the same components as the Manny Mua palette that he created with Makeup Geek. That palette was $45 in price so the Kylie palette is obviously cheaper. To be honest, I think people don’t want to like Kylie Cosmetics because it has the Kylie Jenner name on it. But I love most of her products, and I think the price of her products are typical for a high-end brand.

In all, I love this palette. I recommend the palette for anyone who wants an everyday neutral eyeshadow palette. The palette is currently sold out, but should be restocking soon…

Have you guys tried any Kylie Cosmetics products?

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Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown

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