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Hey Guys!

Today is going to be a review on three Reema Beauty makeup products. Honestly, I have never heard of Reema Beauty Cosmetics, until they reach out to me to review some of their products. But they are a well known brand, that has created a ton of makeup…

  1. Highlight and Glow Powder (After Glow) $22.50
  2. Powder Blush (New in Town) $19.50
  3. Lipstick (Cougar) $19.50


  • Nice Packaging

  • Pigmented



Here I’m wearing all three products:


My Final Thoughts:

Overall the products are great! Like I said above Reema Beauty was nice enough to send me these products. But if I had to purchase these with my own money, I wouldn’t have. The blush and highlight are super pigmented and blend very well. I just don’t think they are worth $20 each. There’s nothing super special about them to cost that much. Wet N Wild has better highlighters and blushes for under $5. The lipstick is very creamy and pigmented but again the price is a little expensive. I love the way this makeup look turned out and I definitely will continue to use these three products from Reema Beauty. Out of all three, the blush is definitely my favorite…

Have you guys tried any products from Reema Beauty?

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Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown


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