Too Faced “The Power of Makeup” By Nikkie Tutorials


Hello Everyone!

Nikkie Tutorials is a very popular Beauty Guru, that is known for her uniqueness and creativity. She has collaborated with Too Faced Cosmetics to create The Power of Makeup collection. It is a collection because it includes more than just an eyeshadow palette. I was super excited about this collection so I wanted to share my honest thoughts on it…

  • $56
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Includes: 9 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, bronzer, highlighter, purple mascara, liquid liner, glitter, shadow insurance base



The collection came in a small rectangular box with the palette and a little bag inside of it. The pink and black cheetah print is so cute and so Nikkie Tutorials. Everything came perfectly packaged. I was pretty much sold just on the packaging alone!

The Palette


The actual palette consist of 9 eyeshadow, 2 blushes, a bronzer, and a highlighter. There are 4 matte and 5 shimmery eyeshadows in the palette. I think the eyeshadows are super pigmented but they aren’t creamy. The shadows are a little dry, therefore I find them hard to blend out and a little chalky. Comparing the eyeshadow to Kylie Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, or even Too Faced normal eyeshadows these shadows are definitely lacking. They have a dry texture to them, which is not normal for Too Faced’s usual eyeshadow formula.


The blushes in this palette are awesome. They are super pigmented and creamy soft texture. One is a light orange and the other is a true pink. Even though the blushes are pigmented, I do feel like they would not work for deeper skin tones. I understand that Nikkie Tutorials has a lighter skin tone but I think it would have been nice to cater to all skin tones. That leads me into the bronzer in this palette, it will not work at all for me. It is extremely light, and would only work for lighter skin tones.

The biggest disappointment in this palette is the highlighter. Nikkie Tutorials is known for her beaming highlight and glowy for days makeup. But this highlighter is not good. It is very chalky, dry, and glittery. It is the same formula of the eyeshadow in this palette. When I applied it to my face, it just looked awful. There was no beam of light, it just looked as if I applied a white powder on my face. It was very disappointing…


The Bag of Goodies


  • Glitterly Glamour Dust- silver glitter with multi color reflects
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance- base to apply before applying glitters or eyeshadows to help them stay in place all day
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- Too Faced popular mascara formula in purple
  • Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Liner- Felt tip pen liner in black


My Final Thoughts:

Overall, I am not too happy with this collection. For the price and because it’s a Nikkie Tutorials collaboration, I had super high expectations. I think the collection lacked in quality. The eyeshadows and the highlighter were such a disappointment. Also, the bronzer and blushes don’t fit a wide variety of skin tones. I don’t regret purchasing it because the packaging is flawless. It is limited edition, so once it is sold out it will not be coming back. I don’t think this is a must have makeup product. For it to be created by NIkkie Tutorials and Too Faced, I think it could’ve have been a lot better!

Click here to purchase…

Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown


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