Kathleen Lights x Makeup Geek Highlighter Palette


Hi Loves!

Highlighting has been the new makeup trend lately!!! Everyone wants that “JLo Glow”

What is a Highlighter?

The goal of highlighting in general is to bring attention to the high points on your face. When you highlight something you are creating the elusion of bringing it forward. When it comes to powder highlighting, the common places to apply it are: tops of the cheeks, nose, under the eyebrow, inner part of the eye, top tip of the lip, and sometimes the forehead or chin. Just keep in mind, whatever you highlight you are drawing attention to it. For example, if you don’t like your nose, wouldn’t highlight your nose. I always say makeup is whatever you want it to be so don’t feel like you need to highlight just because it’s the new trend…

On to the palette…

  • $39
  • 3 full size pan highlighters
  • Super soft to the touch
  • Swatch lighter than appear in the pan
  • Pigmented
  • Not glittery, gives off a nice sheen



  • Nightlight- light gold
  • Starlight- rosy pink
  • Sunlight- soft copper

Wearing the highlighter in Sunlight



My Final Thoughts

I am in love with this palette! I am a huge fan of Makeup Geek, not only because their products are amazing, but because the brand’s integrity is amazing. Marlena (the creator of Makeup Geek) is such a down to earth person and makes sure that her brand includes everyone. They make colors that suit everyone and also their products are such good quality at a super affordable price. So when Makeup Geek decided to collab with Kathleen Lights, I had to check it out. Kathleen Lights is a huge beauty influencer, and this palette is one of her many collaborations.

The palette is perfect. All three shades are able to work on so many different skin tones. The packaging is nice and sleek. For the price of $39, you get amazing quality highlighters. One high end highlighter that can be purchased at Sephora is around $35 or more. For only $39, Makeup Geek gives you three. This brand continues to create great products!

Have you guys tried any products from Makeup Geek?

Click here to purchase

Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown

4 thoughts on “Kathleen Lights x Makeup Geek Highlighter Palette

  1. Joyce Chen says:

    I love Kathleen Lights, so I’m really glad this palette is actually good; it’s so disappointing when a Youtuber I like comes out with a terrible products (and promotes it even though it’s bad). Too bad they didn’t do some sort of pun with her last name though…

    Liked by 1 person

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