Gerard Cosmetics SLAY Setting Sprays


Hey Guys!

Gerard Cosmetics recently came out with 5 scented setting sprays. A setting spray is going to prolong the wear of your makeup and also reduce the appearance of cakey makeup. Gerard Cosmetics first came out with teeth whitening products, now they have expanded into lip and face products. I was really intrigued by the packaging of the sprays and ofcourse the name SLAY…

  • One spray is $22
  • A pair of sprays is $38
  • The whole set of 5 is $89
  • 5 scents: Peach, Lavender, Jasmine, Green Tea, Lemongrass
  • Very strong scents
  • Same size as the L’Oreal or Maybelline setting sprays (bigger than NYX)
  • Very good spraying nozzle

Jasmine Scented Setting Spray (light pink shade)

  • Smells like a flowery perfume, strong smell of roses


Peach Scented Setting Spray (true orange shade)

  • Smells just like peaches, or a fruit smoothie


Yay or Nay?

Nayyyy! Before I purchased these I looked at other reviews in order to figure out which scents were strong or weak. To my knowledge, people were saying Peach was one the stronger scents and Jasmine was one of the weaker scents. After testing these sprays out, I think both have a very strong scent to them. I was expecting each spray to have a scent ofcourse but a very light scent, such as the Mario Badesco spray. I did not try the Mac scented Fix Plus sprays when they came out awhile ago so I cannot compare them to the Slay sprays. But in my opinion, the scents are overpowering. If you have allergies which makes you prone to smells, I would not recommend these. Overall, I do think it adds a nice mist over my face. I think setting sprays all do the same thing, so I feel that if you already has a favorite setting spray, there is no need to run out and buy these. I am definitely going to keep mine because the packaging is just everything LOL. Let me know how you guys feel about the scents of these sprays…

P.S. If you follow @gerardcosmetics on Instagram, they always have coupon codes for 10% to 40% off!

Also, do not let the color of the sprays scare you from purchasing, once you spray them on your face it becomes clear.  For example, you will not look orange after you spray the Peach scented spray…

Click here to purchase

Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown


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