Kylie Jenner Cosmetics Lip Glosses (LIKE)


Hello Loves!

As many of you know, Kylie Jenner released three new lip glosses to add to her cosmetic line named LIKE, LITERALLY, and SO CUTE. I think Kylie Cosmetics is the most hyped up cosmetic line ever, but you can’t blame us……It’s KYLIE JENNER. That being said, I jumped on the website as fast as I could to buy the glosses, and I could only get the darkest one in the shade Like. Kylie’s lip kits and glosses are going to be restocked tomorrowย at 1pm PST, so I wanted to get this review up for guys that way you can decide if you want to purchase or not…

  • $15
  • Pigmented
  • Thick Consistency
  • Not Sticky
  • Paint Brush Applicator
  • Smells Like Cupcakes
  • Last a pretty long time for a gloss
  • Comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hills Glosses

Swatch: (Gloss in the shade LIKE which is a nude brown color)


Here I am wearing the gloss:


Yay or Nay?

Yayyyyy! I’m obsessed with this gloss. I think it has the perfect consistency. Basically they are the same formula as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glosses ย but a little less sticky. They are super pigmented and are perfect for a nice wash of color on the lips. If you are not a fan of thicker glosses, I would not recommend these because they do feel like vaseline on the lips LOL. But I personally love that. The only complaint I have about these glosses, is the strong taste of plastic they have. The taste is not so bad once the gloss has sat on your lips forย a while, but when you first apply these glosses the taste can be a little gross. But other than that, I am a huge fan of this gloss, and I plan on buying more tomorrow once they restock. I love just applying it and walking out the door, without the need of a lipstick or even a lip liner underneath!

Let me know if you guys were able to get any of these glosses…

Click here to purchase

Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown


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