Wet N Wild Beauty Makeup Brushes


Hey Loves!

Wet N Wild recently came out with new vegan brushes. The packaging and price of these brushes are what sold me. I pretty much bought the entire line to review for you guys. I hope you enjoy!

  • Super soft
  • Beautiful pink and white packaging
  • Due to white packaging, they can get pretty dirty quickly
  • Sold in drugstores, but can be purchased online
  • Easy to wash
  • Go right back to normal after washing

Overview of Brushes:

  • Small Stippling Brush ($2.99)


My favorite brush in the entire line! It is perfect for liquid foundation. I find that I use less foundation with this brush and still get a full coverage application. The only down side to this brush, is that I did experience some shedding. I think that might be due to how rough I can be with the brush because I want to make sure my foundation is blended. Other than that, I definitely recommend this brush!

  • Large and Small Concealer Brushes (Each $0.99)


These are definitely my least favorite brushes in the line. I find that they are super stiff and can hurt around the eye area.

  • Blush Brush ($2.99)


I love this brush. It is perfect for blush. It has pretty large bristles but they are very thin. This brush allows you to apply blush effortlessly and get the perfect pigmentation on the cheeks.

  • Powder Brush ($2.99)


I am on the fence about this brush. The bristles in this brush are thin like the blush brush, but it has a lot of bristles. Therefore, this brush will apply a ton of powder to the face. It is not a good brush for just blending out your face. If you are into powder foundations, then this brush will be perfect for you. It will apply just the right amount of coverage to the face. But for just straight blending everything together on your face, I would not recommend this brush.

  • Fan Brush ($2.99)


I was so excited for this brush because I have yet to find the best highlighting brush. I am sad to say that this brush was awful. It is so thin that it applies your highlighter in straight lines. It doesn’t blend anything. I hated it. Let me know if you guys have tried this brush, maybe I am using it wrong.

  • Small Eyeshadow and Crease Brushes ($0.99)


I am in love with the crease brush. It is incredibly soft and blends out eyeshadow perfectly. On the other hand, the eyeshadow brush is super stiff and hurts on my eyelids. Elf cosmetics makes one very similar to it for the same price and it is my holy grail brush.

Click here to purchase

I hope this helps you guys if you were looking to buy any brushes from this line. Let me know your thoughts on these brushes…

Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown



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