Kylie Jenner Cosmetics Lip Kits


Hello guys!

I hope you all are having an awesome day. Today is going to be a review on the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. These lip kits have been raved about everywhere. They sell out in less than five minutes every time they go on sale. I think they are the most hyped up product ever…

  • $29 Per Lip Kit (Includes a liquid lipstick and lip liner)
  • Shipping in the U.S. approx. $8
  • Pigmented
  • Not Drying, Comfortable Wear
  • Smell Like Candy
  • Dry Instantly After Applied On The Lips
  • Do Not Move, Regardless of Eating/Drinking
  • Apply Smoothly, Not Streaky
  • Awesome Packaging

Swatches: True Brown K, Posie K, Koko K (Bottom to Top)


  • True Brown K – an actual true brown, just like the name


  • Posie K – darker pink with purple undertones


  • Koko K – nude baby pink (no picture)


Yay or Nay?

Yay!!!! The hype is real on these lip kits guys. I have tried many liquid lipsticks ranging from Bh cosmetics to Lipland cosmetics and these by far are the best ones. It takes like 2.5 seconds to apply these because they are so pigmented and go on with one strike. Also, once applied and completely dry, they do not move. I recently wore Posie K to go eat some tacos  for lunch and the lipstick looked as if I had just applied it. They are definitely matte, because that is what a liquid lipstick is, but they are not drying at all. It feels like nothing is on your lips. The lip liners are just as great. They are very creamy and glide on the lips effortlessly. The only downside is that because they are so creamy, you use a lot of product, therefore, you have to constantly sharpen them before each use. Other than that, I think these are tied with the Urban Decay lip liners when it comes to smoothness. If you’re looking to try some liquid lipsticks out, I would definitely look into these. I think they are the best formula on the market right now.

Customer Service

When I first received my package, I got True Brown K with the correct box, liquid lipstick, and liner. But I got Posie K with the correct box, liner, and wrong liquid lipstick. They sent me Koko K by accident. That is why I was able to swatch it for guys in the above picture. I contacted the customer service via email. They were super nice and sent me Posie K liquid lipstick within three business days. I just want to inform you guys on this story, just to clear up any confusion.

P.S. These are lip kits, meaning that the liquid lipstick is supposed to be used with the lip liner. I have heard people say that the liquid lipstick is super drying, but they did not apply the lip liner first. Both products coming together means that they perform better when they are used together. So just keep that in mind…

Click here to Purchase  (follow Kylie Jenner’s Instagram for updates on restocking)

Thanks for Reading!

Diamon Brown

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