The Makeup Show Orlando 2016



Hello loves!

Over the weekend, I had the best experience at The Makeup Show Orlando. It was actually my first makeup show and I loved every second of it. I wanted to make this post to give you guys some information on what actually took place at the show. I remember when I was first googling about this show, there were no specific details on what even happens at an event like this. But leave it to me, to give you guys a rundown of the whole show…

  • What happens?

At a makeup show, there are a host of different things to do. Not only are there tons of makeup brands to shop from, but there are classes being held every hour and professional makeup artist doing demos on people at each booth. The classes are on many topics ranging from choosing the right makeup brushes to even airbrushed makeup. It really is a makeup artist dream!



  • Who is invited?

All makeup artist, hairstylist, and people in the beauty related field are welcomed to the event. In order to get into the show you must show your credentials. Your credentials can be anywhere from a business card, student ID, or an actual licence in cosmetology. Also, you can bring guest with you, such as your mom, husband, child, etc.

  • How much is it to get in?

One day=$45

Two days=$65

I only went for one day, and I do not feel like I missed out on anything. The show is on Saturday and Sunday. The only difference in the days are the classes. I would suggest looking up the schedule then deciding on what classes interest you most.

  • Can you buy makeup?

Yes! This was my favorite thing about the show. When you walk into the show, it is like makeup artist heaven. It is booth after booth with all of your favorite makeup brands. And all of the brands are discounted. For instance, Makeup Forever had a 40% off discount. It was amazing, my adrenaline was pumping the entire time. LOL


  • Are there different locations?

The shows typically happen in Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York. Also, they have a pop show which happens at a random location every year. The pop show this year will be happening in Atlanta.

  • Is it worth going?

Absolutely!!!!! I am so happy I got to experience something like this. It was just amazing to be in a place, where everyone has a love for makeup. I am already researching to go to more makeup shows.

Let me know if you guys have been or are going to any makeup shows this year. I am definitely going to another one soon!!!

Thanks for Reading!


Diamon Brown



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