Making Your Makeup Last


Hey loves!

So after trial and error, I think have finally found the key to making your makeup last all day. The key is having a good setting powder. A setting powder typically is a loose powder, where the packaging will have a sifter. It can come in many shades: translucent, banana, skin-tone, etc. But the purpose of it is to set your makeup. It will set the liquids you have put on your face, in order for everything to look smooth and poreless. This is the trick of making sure your face makeup does not move all day.


How I use a setting powder?

After apply all liquid/cream products to my face, including foundation and concealers, I will go in and set my face. I will take a lighter shade type of powder such as the Airspun, Ben Nye, or L.A. Girl powders to set my under eye concealer, nose, middle of forehead, top of my lip, and my chin. This will attract light to the center of my face and prevent me from getting oily throughout the day. In order to make sure my face does not move, I will leave the highlighting powder on (BAKE) for a good five minutes before blend it away. Then I will take a more skin toned colored powder, such as the Black Opal or Bh Cosmetics powders, on the outer perimeters of my face. This will allow a natural contour to the face before even going in with a super dark powder to contour with. Setting your face this way, will ensure that your foundation and concealer does not crease and become one with your skin. I find that this is the best way to make sure my makeup does not go anywhere throughout the day.

Let me know if you guys have tried any of these powder…

Thanks for Reading and Have a Happy Holidays!

Diamon Brown





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