Current Amazon Beauty Steals


Hey everyone!

Welcome to all of my new followers. Thank you all for supporting me and continuing to read my blog, it is greatly appreciated. I wanted to do a quick post, on two items I picked up from Amazon recently. I purchased a black brush belt and a deluxe box of eyelashes both for under $30. As you guys know, I am a makeup artist, so both of these items are a must have in my kit. The lashes are not the best in the world, but for the price you cannot beat that. The lash band on the lashes are a little stiff, so I suggest wrapping them around your finger before apply them. Both items are currently on Amazon now, so be sure to check them out.


Docooler PVC Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Belt (direct link)

  • comes in 3 sizes (pictured above is Size 2, $11.45)
  • black
  • belt strap adjustable
  • brushes not included


Eye Splashes Bundle (direct link)

  • 70 pairs of lashes
  • 7 styles
  • $14.20
  • comes in a box

Thanks for reading!


Diamon Brown

4 thoughts on “Current Amazon Beauty Steals

  1. getmakeupforfree says:

    What a great deal on the falsies! I use fiber lash macara instead (I sell younique) but I love that brush belt! 🙂 I need to get one sometime in the near future! 🙂


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