Anastasia Beverly Hills Lustrous Lip Glosses


Hey guys!

So this is going to be a review on the lustrous lip glosses by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I bought this eight lip gloss set at Macys for only $40, which is a steal because typically these lip glosses are $16 each.

  • Sleek sturdy packaging
  • Smells like vanilla
  • Long wearing


  • Date Night: A romantic ruby red.
  • Metallic Rose: A shimmery classic mauve.
  • Black Cherry: A moody plum purple.
  • Weekend Barbie: A vivid matte pink.
  • Socialite: A sophisticated scarlet red.
  • Dainty: An opaque retro pink.
  • Sunset Strip: A fiery gold-flecked pink.
  • Gilded: A metallic champagne gold.

My favorite lip gloss is Gilded. It has the most sheen out of all the lip glosses and it is great over any lipstick. Keep in mind, that because these glosses are lustrous, they are less pigmented than the regular lip glosses. They are a little bit sticky but comfortable. They are going to give you super shiny lips, some even have specks of glitter in them. Overall, I think these glosses are pretty good. I would go to Macys as soon as possible and get the set for only $40 because I am not positive that I would purchase these for $16 each. I feel they are comparable to the Nyx butter glosses, which are only $6 each. But definetly get the set if you guys want to try these glosses out!

Let me know your thoughts on these glosses…


Diamon Brown

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