Jordana Face Products Review

Hey loves!


I hope all is well with you guys. I recently made a huge purchase with Jordana Cosmetics. I bought their foundations, powders, brow powders, lip liners, and their lip glosses. I would’ve blogged a haul, but I was so excited I completely forgot. Jordana is relatively an inexpensive drugstore brand, typically sold at Walgreens, Kmart, etc. I am in the process of building my makeup artist kit, so I wanted find some face products that were inexpensive, but good quality. On to the review…

Jordana Pressed Powder

  • full coverage
  • blendable
  • soft
  • sturdy packaging
  • mirror and sponge included
  • $3.99

Best powders from the drugstore hands down! For these powder to only be $4, the quality is amazing. Recently I have not been wearing foundation, just cream highlight and contour with these powders overtop. I apply a light powder under my eyes using a beauty blender to set my concealer, and I have no creasing under my eyes. They are just super pigmented and so easy to work with. I will say when buying these powders online the colors are off. I bought a ton of powders thinking they were different in shade. But most of them look very similar if not the same. Therefore, I would recommend buying them in the store or looking at swatches from blogs, youtube videos, etc to get a sense of what the colors actually look like.

Jordana 2 in 1 Concealer and Foundation

  • easy to use packaging
  • full coverage
  • blendable
  • dries quickly
  • awesome color selection
  • $4.99



(02 Classic Beige, 03 Golden Beige, 12 Mahogany)

These are great to have on hand especially if you are a makeup artist. You can mix and match these to create your perfect color. I used the darkest shade as a cream contour and its perfect. The only thing is that these like to dry fast on you. I would put the product on one side of the face, then blend out before going to the other side. Other than that I feel these are a steal for only $5 and the pigmentation.

Let me know if you tried these products…


Diamon Brown

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