Liquid Lipstick Showdown


Hey loves!

Liquid Lipsticks have been the new makeup trend lately. Liquid lipsticks are basically lipstick in a lipgloss form of packaging but they are completely matte with no shine at all and they have the lasting power of a lipstain. Tons of companies have come out with a line of them, such as Ulta, Colour Pop, Nyx, and ofcourse Anastasia Beverly Hills (which I think was the first to come up with them). Today is going to be a comparison of the Ulta and Colour Pop liquid lipsticks. Both are inexpensive, but still great quality. Let’s get on to the review…

Ulta Beauty

  • Pigmented
  • $9.00
  • Nice packaging
  • Not so great color selection
  • Last a very long time
  • Matte but not drying


(Left to Right)

  • Passionate- fire orange red
  • Allusive- deep purple plum
  • Striking- mauve pink

Colour Pop

  • Pigmented
  • $6.00
  • Cute packaging
  • Variety of colors
  • Super drying
  • Last a long time


(Left to Right)

  • Limbo- true brown
  • Trap- pink with grey undertones
  • Midi- nude baby pink

And the results are in…

I ultimately would choose the Colour Pop liquid lipsticks over the Ulta beauty liquid lipsticks only because of the color selection and price. I feel that the Ulta beauty liquid lipsticks have better formulation because I always get a white dry line around my lips with the Colour Pop liquid lipsticks. They can be very drying to the lips if worn more than about two hours. But I do feel like if you moisturize and exfoliate your lips prior to applying these liquid lipsticks, they will not be as drying. Ulta Beauty could do so much better with the color selection and the price of these liquid lipsticks. being that they are a drugstore brand. Colour pop has every color you can think of, that’s why they have me sold on their liquid lipsticks. If you are adding to your makeup kit, I think the Colour Pop liquid lipsticks would be a great buy!

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Diamon Brown

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