Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick


Hey Loves!

As soon as I saw that the new Nyx liquid lipsticks launched I had to make a purchase. I bought colors that I thought were really unique, but now I am definitely going to buy the rest of the colors.

Price: $7.00 at nyxcosmetics.com

Lip Swatches: (without any lip liner)


  • Stone Fox: deep olive-green with a hint of black and blue
  • Sway: intense lilac purple
  • Life’s A Beach: true coral
  • Sandstorm: muted medium brown

Is it worth it? Absolutely! These are the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried compared to Ulta and Colour Pop. They are not drying at all. They are very comfortable on the lips and last forever. I would recommend exfoliating your lips before apply these just because they do have a matte finish, which will show off any chapped skin on the lips. But these lipsticks do not ever completely dry, they always have a little stickiness to them. Which allows for moisture to stay onto the lips. My favorites are Sandstorm and Stone Fox. Both of these are awesome pigmentation, so one swipe and you’re good. Sandstorm is the perfect nude for deeper skin tones like myself. Life’s A Beach and Sway are a little streaky. Therefore, I put on a layer of the lipstick, let it dry then apply another layer. Overall, I definitely think everyone should give these liquid lipsticks a try, especially for the price and great quality.

Let me know what your favorite Nyx liquid lipstick is…

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