Bh Cosmetics Sculpt and Glow Palette


Hey Guys!

So I am still reviewing the some of the products in my Bh cosmetics haul, which you can check out here I wanted to share my thoughts on this palette since, I never really see anyone talk about it. I picked up the shade medium/deep but they also have a shade in light/medium. So let’s jump right into the review…

Price: $23, I paid $8

Palette Rundown:

  • Matte yellow powder
  • Shimmery rose gold highlighter
  • Shimmery violet blush
  • Matte taupe gray contour shade
  • Matte true brown bronzer shade




Is it worth it? For sure! This palette is such a great all in one palette. It is so great for traveling and just taking it on the go in your purse. The violet colored blush is great for darker skin tones, to give a really bronzing look. I love both of the darker shades for contouring. All the powders are very smooth and easy to blend. The only powder I am not to crazy about is the yellow powder. Since it is matte, I am thinking it would be good to set the under eye or just use to brighten more under the eyes. But that did not work for me, I got major creasing and flashback when taking photographs. Other than that, this palette is a win especially for the price.

Let me know if you guys tried this palette…

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Diamon Brown

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