Wild Radiant Baked Illuminating+Bronzing Palette


Hey everyone!

So I recently hauled the highlighter palette from Bh cosmetics. Check out that haul here…Anyways, I don’t know how new this palette is, but it’s definitely new to me.

Price: $20.00, I paid $8

Swatches: (Top row from left to right, then bottom row from left to right)


Is it worth it?

Absolutely! This palette is super pigmented. It’s perfect for on the go. The packaging is very sleek and compact. I love this palette. For the price, I think everyone should give this palette a try. It ranges in shades from that beautiful champagne white highlight to a bronze golden highlight. Try it out! You will not be disappointed.

Have you guys tried this palette yet?

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Hope you guys are having a great week!


Diamon Brown

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