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Hey guys!

So I recently purchase some items from Bh Cosmetics, whenever they were having their Fourth of July sale. Everything was almost half off, so I had to take advantage of the great deals. Bh cosmetics always has a sale so I wouldn’t recommend paying full price for anything on their website. Just wait for the sales! I wanted to share with you guys everything I bought, and let you guys know my first impressions of these items.

  • Superstar and Baby Doll Lashes

Price: $5.00 each, I paid $3.50


I am not too big on lashes. Only because I can barely put them on lol and I have pretty long natural lashes anyways. But I wanted to buy some because they were on sale, and I figured I could play with them just for practice. Both of these lashes are pretty dramatic and both came with lash glue. Superstar does have glitter on them, which I didn’t notice when I purchased them but they would be super cool for a Halloween look.

  • Bh Studio Pro Beauty Sponge

Price: $10.00, I paid $6.00

This sponge has been talked about everywhere. Everyone is comparing it to the beauty blender. Just by feeling it, I can tell it is way more dense and hard than the beauty blender, If it does the job, this would be an amazing dupe being that it is half the price of the original beauty blender. I will be sure to let you guys know my thoughts soon.

  • Bh Studio Pro Tinted Hd Powder in Golden

Price: $11.00, I paid $6.00


I haven’t heard much about this product, but I wanted to give it a try. I want to use this powder for under my eyes, but I think I might have gotten a shade to dark. I like tinted powders more than translucent powders, because since I have a deeper complexion I can get that white cast under my eyes. From feeling the powder, it seems super lightweight and soft. It is smaller than the Elf loose powder in size.

  • Wild and Radiant Baked Illuminating and Bronzing Palette

Price: $20.00, I paid $8.00

This is a super new palette. I have not heard anything about these highlighters. The palette is a pretty good size. It’s a little bit bigger the Elf blush palette.

  • Floral Blush duo in Tulip

Price: $10.00, I got this item as a gift with my purchase


This item was not something I gravitated towards, so I am glad I got it for free lol. The left side of the duo is a coral orange pink color that is super pigmented. The right side is more of a shimmery bronzer color that isn’t as pigmented but looks like it would be great for overtop your blush.

  • Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow Palette in Medium Deep

Price: $23.00, I paid $13.00

The shades look super pretty in the palette. It has one blush, two contour shades, and two highlighters.

  • Hd Brow Pencil in Medium

Price: $8.00, I paid $5.00


This brow pencil is identical to the Nyx brow pencil. It’s the same thing lol. After swatching this, it is not as smooth as the Nyx brow pencil, but gives great color payoff.

  • Glamorous 10 color Blush Palette

Price: $17.00, I paid $9.00

I have the original blush palette from Bh cosmetics and it’s awesome. I am a huge fan of blush palettes. I just feel like having all your blushes in one thing is just so much more convenient than having a whole bunch of single blushes lying around.

  • Lash Curler

Price: $3.00

I always get the Elf lash curlers, but I thought I would give this one a try since it was the same price as the Elf one. I definitely think this one will be way more sturdy and last longer than the Elf one.

You can purchase all of these items on

I will be doing a full review on these items soon…

Have a good weekend guys!



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