Lorac Pro Matte+Metal Palettes


Hey guys!

Recently Lorac came out with their new pro matte and metal palettes. I follow Lorac on instagram, so I got one glance at these palettes and knew I had to purchase them. So my first impression of these palettes when I received them was that they were a lot smaller than I thought. On instagram, they appeared pretty big, very similar to the Sigma warm neutrals palette in size. But really they are about half the size of the Lorac regular pro palettes. Therefore, these could be great for traveling.

Price: $28 each

Where: Ulta or Loraccosmetics.com



Top Row: Bare, Latte, Corduroy, Chocolate

Bottom Row: Linen, Pink Mauve, Burgundy, Jet Black


Top Row: Quartz, Rose Gold, Graphite, Onyx

Bottom Row: Gilded, Amber, Clover, Cobalt

Overall thoughts: I absolutely love these palettes. They have such great pigmentation. The matte palette is my favorite because I feel like you can never have too many matte shades. These palettes are a little on the expensive side, but I do think the quality make it all worth it.

Are they worth it? Yes!!!! If you are someone who is adding to your collection, you will love their palettes. If you are a beginner, I would recommend the Lorac Pro Palette more, that way you can have a palette that has matte and shimmer shades for a cheaper price.

Here’s a super simple look I did using some of the matte shades…


Have you guys tried these palettes?


Diamon B

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