Coastal Scents Brushes


Hey Guys!

So in my last post, I mentioned that I purchased some brushes from Coastal Scents. They were 50% off, so I had to get a few. All these brushes are super soft. Even after washing them, they all went back to their normal shape.

Brushes Rundown: (all price are what they regularly are without the discount)

  • Classic Angled Kabuki Stick Synthetic

Price: $13

My thoughts: I love this brush. It is perfect for blending out cream products, such as cream contour. The handle of the brush is pretty long compared to other brush brands. But the actually brush is bomb. This brush is basically the same brush that comes in the Bh cosmetics Sculpt and Blend brush set.

  • Classic Angled Liner Small Synthetic

Price: $2

My thoughts: I adore this brush. It’s perfect for winged liner. It small and awesome for really getting that sharp neat wing.

  • Classic Blender Crease Natural

Price: $2.50

My thoughts: The brush is perfect for getting into the crease of the eye. It’s pointed at the end, so it can really add detail to the eye.

  • Bionic Flat Top Buffer

Price: $7

My thoughts: This by far is my favorite brush that I purchased from Coastal Scents. It makes your foundation look flawless. It gives a perfect airbrushed finish. I think this brush is better than the Real techniques foundation brush for sure.

  • Classic Blender Natural

Price: $3

My thoughts: This brush is a dupe for the Sigma E25. It is the exact same brush but way cheaper. This brush is perfect for blending out the crease.

  • Classic Angled Liner Large Synthetic

Price: $2

My thoughts: I love this brush for applying my brow products. It gives the tail of your brows a perfect shape. This brush is similar to the Real Techniques angled brush that comes in the starter brush set.

  •  Classic Buffer Large Synthetic

Price: $15

My thoughts: This is the only brush I did not like. The handle of the brush is massive. I have never seen a brush this big. Basically this brush is a duo-fiber brush. I do not know if I am not using it correctly, but I just do not like it. I feel like it doesn’t blend anything out well. Plus, it was the most expensive one that I purchased, so I’m a little bummed I didn’t like it.

Let me know if you tried any Coastal Scents brushes…


Diamon B

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