Coastal Scents Hot Pots


Hey Loves!

So today I am going to do a product rundown on the Coastal Scents Hot Pots, which are their single eyeshadows.

Lately, I have been a fan of creating my own palette using single eyeshadows. Over the past few weeks, I have purchased shadows from Makeup Geek, Morphe, and now Coastal Scents. Coastal Scents was having a sale on their shadows and their brushes. So I had to put in an order.

Price: Regularly $1.99 on but they are always on sale for $0.99



Makeup Look:


Is it worth it? For sure!!! In my opinion these shadows are better than Morphe’s. They are super vibrant in the pan. The matte shades are just as opaque and creamy as the shimmery shades. Ugh! These shadows are awesome for such a cheap price. I cannot wait to purchase more…

Tell me your favorite Coastal Scents Hot Pots…


Diamon B

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