Best Inexpensive Primers


Hello cupcakes!

So today I wanted to do a rundown of my favorite primers that do not break the bank. A lot of people feel that they have to pay sooo much for certain products in order to see results results, but there are just as good products that do not cost as much and give the same results.

What is a primer?

A primer is something that goes on your face before you put any other makeup product on. It is going to smooth out your face, and just prep your skin for everything that your are about to put on. It will act as a barrier between your skin and the makeup.

  • NYX Shine Killer

Price: $13.99 at Ulta and

Claims: Professional potion to eliminate the look of oil and shine so the face stays matte and fresh all day long.

Why it’s awesome? This primer is a clear silicone texture. By it being silicone textured, it is automatically going to make your skin feel like a baby’s bottom. It is going to smooth out any unevenness you have on your face. I love this primer to allow my foundation to go on as smooth as possible, but also keeping me matte in my T-zone area. This primer will keep you from being an oily beast all day long. I would even recommend this primer to my dryer skin girls, because it is not going to cling on to your dry patches.

  • Maybelline Master Prime Blur+Smooth

Price: $7.99 at Walmart and $9.99 at Ulta

Claims: Visually blurs tone imperfections and smoothes fine lines. Primes skin for a smooth start. Lightweight non-oily formula that does not clog pores.

Why its awesome? This primer is a white lotion texture. Its super light weight like it claims, that way it’s not going to make you appear greasy, but soak instantly into the skin. I use this primer mainly when I am not wearing foundation. Because it really does blur the skin, as if you are wearing foundation. I am not a fan of it under my foundation just because it can make me appear oily after a while. I wear this primer when I don’t want to wear makeup but still want my skin to look good.

  • Elf Tone Adjusting Face Primer

Price: $6 at Walmart and

Claims: Fills in fine lines and brightens skin

Why its awesome? This primer is a purple silicone texture. Even though it comes out purple, it turns clear as you apply it to your face. I do not think this primer brightens my face up at all, but it does fill in the fine lines. It really makes your skin feel uber smooth and is great for allowing your foundation to go on smoothly.

  • Maybelline Baby Skin

Price: $5 at Walmart

Claims: Instant pore eraser

Why its awesome? This primer is a clear silicone texture like the NYX Shine Killer. I do not have large pores so I cannot really be the judge on that. But it is perfect for giving your skin a baby like texture. It will smooth out your face and again allow for a flawless foundation finish.



Let me know your favorite inexpensive primers…



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