May Loves

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(lip pencil, gel liner, flamethrower, bitten, chickadee, and powder)

Hey guys!!

So today I am going to be showing you guys some of the products I have been loving this whole month of May. These products are some old some new, but are all great.

  • Beauty Blender

I purchased my black beauty blender from for $17.99. I know I’m super late on the beauty blender train, but I just couldn’t see myself paying almost $20 for a sponge. I just didn’t feel like the hype was real and I wasn’t going to waste my money. But I just caved in and bought it anyways. I found out the hype is foreallllll. It is probably the best tool for blending face products. Its AWESOME. At first it was a struggle using the beauty blender because I felt that it sheered out my foundation and I am a full coverage type of gal. Anyways, I learned to not wet my beauty blender as much, that way it applies my foundation full coverage. It gives such a  flawless airbrushed look to your skin. I use my beauty blender when I’m doing a full face for a specific event because even with foundation and cream highlighting and contour on my face, I still won’t look cakey.

  • Nyx HD Finishing Powder in the shade Banana

This is by far my favorite setting powder for my highlighting routine. It makes your concealer look creaseless and airbrushed. I wouldn’t recommend this shade to fair skin tones,but I would to darker skin tones only because of the yellow tint this powder has. It’s so smooth and lightweight that you can apply tons and tons of this powder to your face without having a cake face.

  •  Nyx Slim Lip Pencil in Rose Brown

I am definitely one of those girls who applies lip liner every time  before I put any lip product on my lips. I just feel a lip liner gives a clean canvas to your lips and helps your lip product stay on longer. This lip liner is perfect to achieve the nude lip for darker skin tones. I will be doing a blog about how I achieve the perfect nude lip. For it to only be a regular lip liner that you have to sharpen, it is so creamy and buttery. I purchased mine from Ulta for $3.49.

  • Makeup Geek Gel Liner in the shade Immortal

I have always been a fan of liquid liner. But I feel that I haven’t been able to achieve that super clean crisp black winged liner, so I decided to try out gel liner. This liner is so black, so creamy, and it does have a little shine to it but it’s not shimmer. It glides on and it doesn’t smudge at all. I purchased this liner from for $8.99.

  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

These eyeshadows are absolutely amazing. My favorites have to be Bitten and Chickadee. They are just super  pigmented matte shades. I have used them for every look since I have purchased them. Also, the foiled eyeshadows are just as great. My favorite has to be Flamethrower. I plan on doing a full product rundown on the foiled eyeshadows soon. Let me know if you guys want to see that. I purchased mine from They cost $6 for the regular eyeshadows and $10 for the foiled eyeshadows.

So that is it for more my loves for this month. Please let me know if you guys love any of these products like I do!

Peace, Love, and Beauty

-Diamon B

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