Best Inexpensive Highlighters


Hello cupcakes!!

I have been really into that glowy, dewy, natural looking skin these days especially because its summer time. So I wanted to share my top 4 inexpensive highlighters. Now a highlighter for the skin will make your skin look very healthy. Its a great way to accentuate certain areas of the face especially for people who have oily skin who want something extra to their face but don’t want to look like a total grease ball. You want to apply the highlighter to the tops of the cheek bones, the cupid’s bow, and even over top the eyebrows. You want to steer away from putting it in that T zone area unless you have super dry skin, if not it could make you look like you’re sweating.

  • Nyx Cosmetics Illuminator in the shade Ritualistic

This is a light champagne gold color. Its super pigmented, therefore you want to go in with a light hand when applying. For darker skin tones, it can be a little ashy on the face, but it would be great for an eyeshadow as well. I purchased mine from Ulta for $8.99.

  • Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer Travel Size

This is a super copper bronze shade. Its great for darker skin tones. For fair skin tones I would recommend putting this highlighter over your blush in order to have a full cheeky glow, if not it could be to dark. I purchased mine from Ulta for $10.

  • Elf warm and golden bronzer

Both of these are gold shades, but the warm bronzer is slightly dark than the golden bronzer. Again they are super pigmented so you want to run your makeup brush against all four shades in the palette and lightly dust over the area you want to highlight. I purchased both from target and they were only $3 each.


(Nyx, Lorac, Elf golden, Elf warm)

As you can see they do not swatch that well onto my arm, but they are perfect on the face.

Let me know some of your favorite highlighters below, I would love to check them out.

Peace, Love, and Beauty

-Diamon B

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