Urban Decay Shadow Box Palette Review

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Hey guys!!!

So I recently bought the Shadow Box Palette from Urban Decay. I wanted to do a review on it to let you guys know if its worth it. Because I feel like no one is really talking about this palette. First, I will say this palette is very pigmented. The shadows are vibrant, super creamy and blendable. There is a total of 12 shades, 11 shimmers and 1 matte shade which is the black shade called black out. I purchased my palette from Ulta for $34. Overall, its a great palette for more dramatic looks, but I would not recommend this palette for beginners. I feel that it is not necessary in your makeup collection, but still great if you are looking to build your collection.

Description of colors:

First row (left to right)

  • Sin (common Urban decay eyeshadow)- cream beige shade, great for highlight the brown bone or inner tear duct
  • Indo- true green with blue undertones
  • Bordello- pearl pink with purple undertones
  • Tornado- toned down dark purple
  • Smog- (common Urban decay eyeshadow)- burnt dusty gold
  • Blackout- matte true black


Second row (left to right)

  • Flash- more vibrant purple than Tornado
  • Mushroom- pearl medium toned silver
  • Lost- pearl bronze brown
  • Freelove- pearl orange peach with pink undertones
  • Moonshadow- vibrant blue
  • Baked cowboy-yellow gold, lighter than Smog


Peace, Love, and Beauty

-Diamon B


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